Measure K Passes!!

About Measure K

Measure K will make adult, personal marijuana use the lowest law enforcement priority for the Santa Cruz Police Department. It will allow Santa Cruz police to focus their time and resources on fighting violent crime, instead of wasting resources arresting and imprisoning nonviolent marijuana offenders.In 2005 alone, Santa Cruz police arrested over 270 non-violent adult marijuana users – costing the city hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax payer money to prosecute and imprison these non-violent offenders. In passing Measure K, With Measure K our resources will be more effectively spent. In Seattle, a similar measure resulted in a 75% reduction in arrests, with no measurable increase in usage, and a savings of millions of dollars in law enforcement costs.

Measure K was placed on the ballot after thousands of Santa Cruz residents signed petitions agreeing that personal adult marijuana use should be the lowest law enforcement priority. It is a response to George W. Bush’s costly, failed war on drugs. The initiative will move Santa Cruz’s drug enforcement policy in a direction that is more in step with the values of the majority of our residents. Similar laws have been passed in Seattle, Oakland, West Hollywood, and Denver. To read more about Measure K click on:

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Measure K is supported by an overwhelming majority of Santa Cruz citizens!

Santa Cruz Citizens for Sensible Marijuana campaign committee drafting Measure K

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